Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Top Things to Know About Louis Gerard Saliot and His Projects

An ideal holiday destination contains infrastructure, amenities and facilities for adventure activities. It needs special places for spending a holiday for families and couples to enjoy quality times together. Creating tourism hubs requires experience and expertise in building facilities that remain etched in the minds of vacationers forever. Hence, it is a challenge that most fail to thrive.

Louis Gerard Saliot, along with his highly professional team, has been doing this work for a long time in the South Pacific region. Understanding the potential of the industry in creating employment and foreign exchange, he had founded the Euro Asia Management Group in 1991.

The company offers specialised services in project development and management to real estate firms in building holiday destinations and tourism hubs under his supervision. He has over 35 years of work experience in the real estate industry.

EuroAsia has been involved in the master-planning, designing, and construction of tourism hubs in Fiji, Jakarta, Indonesia, and East Java. The company partnering with DGA Paris provides architectural design for the centres to clients for approval and implementation. Equipped with skilled professionals and modern equipment, the company can integrate world-class amenities into every project.

Here are some of the projects where the company has successfully delivered resorts and marinas to the clients:

  • Four Seasons Bora Bora
  • Sunpark Resort
  • Raja Ampat Dive Resort in West Papua
  • Cakrawala Residence in Indonesia
  • City Hotel Project (Jakarta)
  • Megati Resort
  • Natadola Marine Resort in Fiji
  • And others

It is due to the professional services of the company that helps in delivering projects within the deadlines with utmost satisfaction of clients in quality and costs. Here are some of the core services of the company:

  • Market feasibility study
  • Merger and acquisition
  • Land negotiation
  • Legal advice
  • Financial assumption and arrangement from banks
  • Architectural design and implementation of project

Apart from that, Gerard Saliot has founded sister project to deliver services in the tourism and hospitality industry. Hotel Modular Development, Euro Asia Hotel Contract, and Sunpark resort are a top venture of the company. No matter what, Saliot will be remembered for his dedication and skill in building world-class tourism hubs for generations to come.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Louis Gerard Saliot’ Contribution to the Fijian Tourism Industry

Fiji tourism was neither that attractive nor popular as it’s today. In fact, Fiji has emerged as one of the most preferred destinations people around the globe love to go during the holidays.

Hospitality is at the core of this country’s thriving village culture. The country is a home to exotic resorts that organise several activities for kids and teens. Fiji has much to offer to full range of divers from beginners to masters. Healthy underwater environments, corals and sea life put the country on high for divers.

Seeing top class hotels, resorts, villas and hospital chains constructed for the convenience of travellers on this fantastic land, one may ask about the man who played a part in making this country a paradise for travellers and its natives as well.

Considering the modern amenities and artistic works, you cannot stay away admiring Louis Gerard Saliot, who has been instrumental in pushing up the Fijian tourism and hospitality industry.

He has been an undisputed visionary who laid the foundation of EuroAsia Management Group to make Fiji a world class spot for tourism and accelerate the economic growth of the country. His vision gets reflected in the works he has already done.

Can you forget the Natadola project? Many international resorts and hotels with luxurious amenities are now available in the country. The seaside facing resorts allow the travellers to enjoy the beautiful and rare sight of the sea. The project not only lured international tourists but also provided employment opportunities to the local Fijian people. Mushrooming hotels, restaurants and resorts with luxurious amenities also brought many job opportunities to the country.

Gerard Saliot, the CEO and the president of EuroAsia Group, has played a decisive role in the successful completion of the Natadola project. Specialised in developing the recreational projects and hospitality industry, EuroAsia has come to the fore and started offering services, including the development of holiday residential estates, resorts, marina, golf course, theme parks, meeting facilities as well as the amusement parks.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

How important has the Natadola project been for Fiji and Gerard Saliot?

Natadola project is one of the most significant projects that came up under the initiative of a person whose dedicated effort seemed to work wonders. It was Louis Gerard Saliot who spearheaded the project in Fiji. The project brought several hotels, resorts and entirely pushed the tourism industry of the country to a new height.

Tourism usually plays a significant role in the development of the country’s economy. And same is the case with Fiji as the project proved highly beneficial since many local populaces got employment opportunities. Whatever be the economic activities engaged by people, it has a lot to do with having direct effect. The primary beneficiaries of the project have been the locals, developers and landowners.

Now with the coming up of world-class resorts and hotels equipped all kinds of luxurious facilities and amenities, many numbers of tourists from different parts of the world are arriving here every year. Gerard Saliot, the founder and director of EuroAsia management group, has played a significant role in shaping up some of the leisure and hospitality projects.

EuroAsia has been on the progressive path under his leadership, and it has established in the market offering various kinds of services. The primary services the company is offering include mainly the leisure and hospitality project development services. The services are mainly for developing the resort concepts, holiday residential estate, theme park, conference and meetings facilities, hotel, retreat resort, golf course, marina and amusement park etc.

 The investors can also take up the suite services particularly for developing and operating of the tourism and hospitality related projects. Besides, investors and landowners can also avail the financial advisory services including the arrangement of project financing and feasibility analysis. Any companies requiring the services can approach to EuroAsia for any assistance.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

How EuroAsia flourished under the leadership of Gerard Saliot?

Gerard Saliot has shown his determination which resulted in dedicated work giving shape to one of the significant developments in Fijian tourism. Now, he has settled himself as one of the leading figures in the international leisure and tourism industry. He is currently the founder of EuroAsia and serving it as CEO and President. He has been excellent in taking his firm to the next level through his dedicated effort.

It was the Natadola project which formed his image in the international market. Through this project, which he successfully led to perfect completion, the name of Fiji has emerged as leading destination in the tourism industry of the world. Hundreds of people are travelling and enjoying the scenic beauties of the country, Fiji. Many hotels and resorts equipped with all kinds of luxurious amenities have been available. Louis Gerard Saliot has associated his name with the Fijian people who, because of his effort found new meaning in their lives. They have found a new source of employment which is a huge bonus for Fiji.

He has been instrumental in running EuroAsia successfully, and the firm is known for quality services offering in the areas of leisure and tourism. This management company is based in Singapore and very much the part of Gerard Saliot strong will and determination. It was in 1994 when it was established, and since then it has been relentlessly serving numerous companies through its dedicated and specialised services.

The company has been offering services ranging from project development and management to developing integrated sustainable resort concepts, amusement park, hotel, retreat resort, golf course, theme park, conference and meetings facilities and holiday residential estate etc. Also, there are also other specialised services solely for landowners and investors in planning, operation and development of tourism and hospitality projects. They can further access to financial advisory services for their projects along with feasibility analysis. Further, when required, Gerard Saliot will arrange for project financing too.

Gerard has been the most down to earth person with great heart and always ready to extend help when required. He has been the most reliable person for business owners who can take a lot out of him through consultation in various aspects of tourism project.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Roles of Gerard Saliot in the Development of Tourism Industry in Asia

If the global tourism industry grows, more employment opportunities will arise for the youths across the countries. Developing the tourism industry isn’t limited to the creation of hubs and parks, the hospitality industry comes along. It is especially the hotel and resorts development catering the needs of tourists with modern amenities. And here comes the contribution of Louis Gerard Saliot who championed the Natadola project which had developed not only the Fiji tourism but also contributed directly towards the global tourism industry.

He is the current CEO and President of EuroAsia Management Group, a firm which he founded in 1994. This management company under his able leadership has been carrying many specialised services of hospitality and leisure industry. From industry project development, management to developing of the sustainable resort and hotel concept to planning, executing and building of retreat resort, marina, theme park, holiday residential estate, conference and meeting facilities, golf course as well as the amusement park. 

In addition to those services, EuroAsia also offers consultancy services to investors, landowners in the areas of planning, development and operation of different types of projects related to financial, feasibility and analysis aspect of tourism and leisure industry. Under the Natadola project which got completed in Fiji under the right visionary leader of Gerard Saliot. The project thus gave shape to many hotels and resorts with varied services of world-class quality and various other means of recreation and entertainment that anyone aspiring to visit any exotic location for recreation can choose to come here.

 With the development of the project, many local people got suitable employment and economy of the country got boosted because of it. Right after this successful venture, this pioneer has been now engaged in another project in Bali, Indonesia whose current work phase is in progress. It is the New Holidays Residence development project in Uluwatu. The role of EuroAsia in the project is it was offered the mandate for preparing the master plan as well as the feasibility study in Bali Uluwatu about the development of vacation and leisure destination.

Friday, 8 September 2017

A look at the professionalism of Louis Gerard Saliot

EuroAsia Group, the leading Singapore based company, has been offering various services under the able leadership of Louis Gerard Saliot. The company is specialised at services of developing the integrated sustainable resort concepts, marina, golf course, theme park, amusement park and holiday residential estate and retreat resort. Under his leadership, this firm has grown into the full-fledged company after being established in the year 1994. He is currently holding the post of Chief Executive Officer and serving as President of the firm.

Even the land owners, as well as investors, opt the service of Gerard Saliot in the areas of planning, development and operation of projects related to both the tourism and hospitality. He also offers the financial advisory services required for the projects. The clients with challenges regarding feasibility analysis as well as project financing arrangement as requirements always come, approach to him as he is specialised into them. Many are taking great advantages in these specialised areas. 

Though Bali is one of the leading tourist destinations with all kinds of tourist activities available that can be enjoyed by tourists from different parts of the world. However, still there are many things which are being developed, and these developments have only strengthened tourism in the country, Indonesia.

Euro Asia Management Group has engaged in developing the New Holidays Residence in Uluwatu, and the firm was mandated for preparing the master plan of vacation and leisure destination with the high amount of innovation. Gerard Saliot has also conferred the feasibility study of Bali Uluwatu which is further known as CAKRWALA Residence.

The project is situated on the seafront cliff beautifully spread over the 2.5-hectare land. It faces the beautiful white, sandy beaches of Uluwatu, Padang Padang beach and Yang Yang beach.  Apart from the facilities and other services of high quality, the visitors will enjoy having the panoramic sight of the sea along with the delightful sight of sunrise and sunset that can be enjoyed sitting at villas.

The restaurants for delicious meals, rooms with high-quality amenities and facilities all available are all set to give the visitors their home feel full of fun and comfort.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Louis Gerard Saliot – The Visionary Leader with a Mission

When it comes to the development of tourism related projects, Euro Asia Management Group always enters into the picture. EuroAsia, the company, founded in 1994, offers specialized services in the project development and management to hospitality and leisure destination. Louis Gerard Saliot is the man behind the creation of this company to build world-class holiday destinations with integrated resorts and fun activities. He is a visionary leader with over 35 years of experience in the real estate sector.

Tourism is an important industry that helps in bringing development in an area. This is because the visiting tourists bring high foreign exchange and flourishing of local businesses. But, it is not possible to attract visitors unless there are good infrastructure and hubs for spending a holiday.

Realising the potential of the tourism sector, Saliot has started a mission to build sustainable and environment-friendly tourist hub in the countries. The company create a master plan for build hubs right from scratch. Starting from studying market feasibility, financial assessment or assumption, procuring lands, legal advice, and other services associated with the process.

Hardened by working in numerous tourism projects, EuroAsia has a complete team of skilled designers, planners and analyst to implement on the development. That is why Indonesian Government has approached the company to build the National Tourism Development Master Plan. It resulted in the development of Cakrawala Residence – a leisure destination in Bali consisting of integrated resorts, spa, kid club, and a car free zone near to the sea.

Hotel Modular Development is another venture of Gerard Saliot for building world-class hotel rooms and suite. The group has started the development of the Meridian Adventure Marina Club & Resort in Raja Ampat – a marina club and resort in West Papua, Indonesia. 

Noting the impressive work of EuroAsia in Indonesia, the company has been mandated another Tourism Master Plan for East Java by International Labour Organisation (ILO).

In every project, Saliot gives his 100% dedication utilizing the experience and skills gained while working in the real estate and tourism industry.