Thursday, 20 July 2017

What are some achievements by Euro-Asia Management Group?

Euro-Asia Management Group is a global leader in tourism, hospitality, and leisure management. The company was founded by a visionary leader and professional, Louis Gerard Saliot. He has worked for 30 years in international trade and business development before opening Euro-Asia Management group. He provided consultancy to various government ministries and international agencies with the help of the staff working for his company.

During 1995-98, Gerard Saliot was the prime initiator and project director of the National Tourism Master Plan for Indonesia. He worked on numerous tourism related projects in Indonesia. He also promoted the development of a resort project in Fiji.

Special achievements by the company

Euro-Asia Management Group initiated many projects in different nations and tasted success under the leadership of Gerard Saliot. A team of professionals worked for the company on those projects. Saliot hired architects, planners, designers, legal, and financial experts for easy development and procurement of the projects. He hired project managers with 20 years of experience in resorts and hotels development In the Asian and European region.

The Euro-Asia Management Group managed a major master plan made for tourism development in Indonesia. The plan was made for the Indonesian government, and it was financed by a grant from the French government. The company thoroughly comprehended the plan, and the development started in the prime locations of the country. Resources were focused on the right places, and soon they turned barrens lands into beautiful tourist hubs.

Fiji is famous for beautiful beaches and breathtaking experiences in the world. Euro-Asia Group set their eyes on this beautiful island nation and initiated the process for development of Natadola Marine Resort. The resort comprises InterContinental Hotel, an 18-hole golf course, villas, bungalows, etc. Vijay Singh helped in designing the beautiful golf course.

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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Who helped in developing the tourism sector of Fiji?

Fiji is an amazing island nation loaded with sunny beaches and world-class tourist hubs. It is situated in South Pacific Ocean and one of the most developed nations in that region. The tourism sector is the main contributor to the economy of Fiji. Numerous Fijian people are dependent on the tourism sector for a living. There was a time when this sector was declining due to poor infrastructure and lack of tourist hubs. At that time, Louis Gerard Saliot took responsibility in developing Fiji and bring more tourists in this beautiful island nation.

The man who changed the face of Fijian tourism industry

Louis Gerard Saliot is respected by the masses of Fiji due to his sheer commitment and strenuous hard work in developing world-class tourist hubs. He is the CEO of Euro-Asia Management Group which undertakes construction projects by taking permission from the governments of various countries. He helped in developing tourism and hospitality sector of scenic countries lagging in attracting tourist due to inefficient infrastructure. Gerard Saliot has years of experience in project and infrastructure management and he used his experience in making iconic hubs in Fiji.

The best work he has done so far is the Natadola Marine project. Natadola’s lush beauty and a variety of recreational activities attracts tourist from all around the world. Tourists can dive in the coral reefs to see the beautiful underwater world or do many activities like snorkelling, fishing, surfing, island hopping etc. Golf is a major sport in Fiji and Natadola Golf course is famous for organising international tournaments. Natadola Golf course is made in typical South Pacific landscape which attracts famous golfers from all around the world. Tourists flock to Fiji to witness epic matches hosted by this golf course.

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Thursday, 29 June 2017

Could Fiji tourism have reached at this peak without Gerard Saliot?

Fiji, the island country is enjoying the tourism which is at its peak and it became one of the major backbones of the Fijian economy. Tourism industry is the kind of service industry which helps in creating a lot of employment opportunities and further strengthens the country’s economy. 

Just imagine now, what could have happened to tourism in Fiji if Gerard Saliot was not supposed to come forward for it. Well, it is obvious that tourism in the country could never have been at this level what it is now. Being socially concerned and business minded, he came forward to extend his innovative business ideas. And it resulted into Natadola project under which several other developments came into notice.

The project led to the emergence of many kinds of hotels, resorts and various other tourist attractions in the country. The major beneficiaries are the local people of the country who found suitable employments in the hotels and resorts.

Louis Gerard-The force behind Fijian tourism development

Every year tourists visit there and enjoy the beautiful sea beaches, stays in star categorised hotels and resorts with all kinds of modern amenities. There is also a beautiful Golf course where several international Golf tournaments are held. The works of Louis Gerard Saliot became commendable and he created a historical development in the country.

The kind of hard work and determination shown through his quality work and development speaks volume about his personality. Before his Natadola project, he has had worked in many other projects outside the country, Fiji. 

Now has earned a fame and name in the hearts of Fijian people. He came at a time when this island country needed boosting push and he exactly did it. So, every visitor who enjoys recreational activities and other kinds of touristy activities, always admires the innovative ideas of this legend. 

Thursday, 8 June 2017

What is the role of Louis Gerard Saliot in the tourism industry of Fiji?

Building and maintaining a world-class infrastructure is usually difficult for small island nations. Their economies are not big enough to support all the services required by tourists visiting their country. In these circumstances, foreign investments are invited by the governments of these small countries. Both the investors and country have a win-win situation in these scenarios.

One of the examples is Fiji. Fiji is a small island nation in the South Pacific region. The economy of the country is highly depended on tourism and hospitality sector. The country opened investment routes for foreigners and Louis Gerard Saliot, the legendary real estate tycoon in tourism sector transformed barren lands of Fiji into world famous tourist hubs.

Saliot's achievements in Fiji

There are many projects on which Saliot worked in Fiji but his biggest achievement was Natadola Bay project. Natadola is a beautiful place with multiple white sandy beaches, pristine sceneries, and beautiful coral reefs. Once a barren land, Gerrard Saliot worked his best and brought the best out of that barren lands.

The resorts and villas in Natadola Bay are no less than the best hotels and resorts made in developed countries. The South Pacific island thematic resorts attract tourist from around the world. All the amenities are readily available for each tourist visiting this beautiful place. Natadola Bay is well connected to the capital city of Suva.

There is another reason for tourists visiting Natadola Bay. The best golf course of Fiji resides in Natadola. There are multiple international tournaments organised in this beautiful golf course. World’s best golfers take part in those competitions and numerous tourists from around the world visit Natadola Bay to witness epic matches there.  Louis Gerrard Saliot got awarded by the Fijian government for his efforts to develop one of the best tourist hubs in the country. If you want to know more about this eminent figure then contact us.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Who is the best property developer in tourism sector?

There are not many people in the world who got the vision and resources to transform a whole sector of any country. Louis Gerard Saliot is one of those few people gifted with the talent of building and transforming any secluded place into a world-class destination. It’s not just talent but a mixture of sheer hard work and great eyesight in future. He is famous for developing many tourist hubs in different countries and Fiji is one prime example.

Fijian tourism sector development

There was a time when Fijian economy was staggering. The infrastructure was not up to global standards due to which the tourist inflow was slow. Gerard Saliot took the responsibility to uplift the tourism sector of this beautiful island nation. He started constructing resorts, villas, and a golf course on Natadola Bay. Today, Natadola Golf course is ranked among the most beautiful golf courses in the world. People enjoy water sports like snorkelling on Natadola Beach and stay lavishly in resorts near the beach. There is an abundance of tourists at the time of international golf tournaments. 

The employment generated by this project is unmatchable. Gerard Saliot was awarded by Fijian government for the upliftment of their biggest sector in the economy.
Some insights about this legendary man

Louis Gerard Saliot has 35 years of experience in tourism and hospitality sector. He is an expert in areas like property development, international trade, and business development. He founded Euro-Asia Management group with two of his partners to help different countries in the upliftment of their staggering tourism sector. The company has three established offices in Jakarta, Hong Kong, and Singapore. He also provides consultation to government and international agencies in infrastructure development. He is a well-known man between masses of different countries. 
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Friday, 12 May 2017

Gerard Saliot-The man behind the success of Natadola project!

Fiji has changed its image today and credit goes to the man who has been a champion and pioneer in a social cause which has led to further Fiji’s tourism development. Tourism is an industry which has the potential to create enormous job opportunities and here the story is same. After the Natadola project brought into existence by Gerard Saliot, Fiji has caught the attentions from worldwide and people kept thronging to spend valuable time there every year.

 Under the project many hotels and resorts came up which are the major pillars for the Fiji tourism. Fiji had a potential for tourism boom; but it has been realized only after Louis Gerard Saliot spearheaded the Natadola project. When tourism comes into the mind of people, his name always comes too; it is the reason why so many people today talk about him. They take inspiration and motivation from the hard work and dedication he had showed through his developmental tasks.

It is the work which builds brand identity and this is what exactly happened to him. In the project he took, it consisted of many kinds of other associated businesses which further created many job opportunities. It is just a kind of driving force which was mostly needed and Gerard Saliot truly gave him all this. His works shows how dedicatedly he carried out his responsibilities; though these are all social responsibilities and one cannot find any example than him to be pro-actively associated in such kinds of social works.

He is the man who gave a lesson that if a person is determined, there is nothing that he cannot do anything he wishes. Natadola became one of the important attractions today; it is situated just close to the sea shore and beaches where people can easily go and enjoy evening or morning walks.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

What is the most notable work done by Gerard Saliot in Fiji?

When we talk about any famous island nation for tourism then Fiji is one country which always comes in our mind. Fiji is a unique place in itself loaded with breathtaking natural beauty and calm surroundings. There are 110 inhabitable island and some small islets in Fiji. The country is close to Australia and New Zealand and their import and export rely much on these two countries.

Eventually, the most number of tourists also comes from these two countries. To give the best experience to their tourists all around the world, Fiji upgraded their tourist hubs and one man who helped a lot in upgrading the infrastructure of Fiji is none other than Louis Gerard Saliot.

Work by Saliot in Fiji

Gerard Saliot shaped tourist spots of different countries. He was the main architect of some of the most beautiful resorts and golf courses of Fiji. One of the prime examples of his unmatched projects in the island nation is Natadola golf course and resort.

Natadola golf course was constructed to host international golf tournaments. The biggest golf tournaments of South Pacific Ocean take place on this golf course. Numerous world famous golf players visit Fiji to play in these tournaments such that Natadola golf course attracts tourists from around the world.

The marine bay resort in Natadola gives a perfect view of beautiful seashores of Fiji. The golf course is made in traditional South Pacific architecture and gives an eye-catching seaside view. Gerard Saliot got awarded by Fijian government for his work towards the nation.

Not to mention, the employment generated by his projects impacted positively on Fijian economy. The revenue generated by these world-class tourist spots benefits both the natives and the government of the South Pacific nation. If you want to gain more insights of work done by Louis Gerard Saliot and his company then contact us.