Friday, 22 September 2017

Roles of Gerard Saliot in the Development of Tourism Industry in Asia

If the global tourism industry grows, more employment opportunities will arise for the youths across the countries. Developing the tourism industry isn’t limited to the creation of hubs and parks, the hospitality industry comes along. It is especially the hotel and resorts development catering the needs of tourists with modern amenities. And here comes the contribution of Louis Gerard Saliot who championed the Natadola project which had developed not only the Fiji tourism but also contributed directly towards the global tourism industry.

He is the current CEO and President of EuroAsia Management Group, a firm which he founded in 1994. This management company under his able leadership has been carrying many specialised services of hospitality and leisure industry. From industry project development, management to developing of the sustainable resort and hotel concept to planning, executing and building of retreat resort, marina, theme park, holiday residential estate, conference and meeting facilities, golf course as well as the amusement park. 

In addition to those services, EuroAsia also offers consultancy services to investors, landowners in the areas of planning, development and operation of different types of projects related to financial, feasibility and analysis aspect of tourism and leisure industry. Under the Natadola project which got completed in Fiji under the right visionary leader of Gerard Saliot. The project thus gave shape to many hotels and resorts with varied services of world-class quality and various other means of recreation and entertainment that anyone aspiring to visit any exotic location for recreation can choose to come here.

 With the development of the project, many local people got suitable employment and economy of the country got boosted because of it. Right after this successful venture, this pioneer has been now engaged in another project in Bali, Indonesia whose current work phase is in progress. It is the New Holidays Residence development project in Uluwatu. The role of EuroAsia in the project is it was offered the mandate for preparing the master plan as well as the feasibility study in Bali Uluwatu about the development of vacation and leisure destination.

Friday, 8 September 2017

A look at the professionalism of Louis Gerard Saliot

EuroAsia Group, the leading Singapore based company, has been offering various services under the able leadership of Louis Gerard Saliot. The company is specialised at services of developing the integrated sustainable resort concepts, marina, golf course, theme park, amusement park and holiday residential estate and retreat resort. Under his leadership, this firm has grown into the full-fledged company after being established in the year 1994. He is currently holding the post of Chief Executive Officer and serving as President of the firm.

Even the land owners, as well as investors, opt the service of Gerard Saliot in the areas of planning, development and operation of projects related to both the tourism and hospitality. He also offers the financial advisory services required for the projects. The clients with challenges regarding feasibility analysis as well as project financing arrangement as requirements always come, approach to him as he is specialised into them. Many are taking great advantages in these specialised areas. 

Though Bali is one of the leading tourist destinations with all kinds of tourist activities available that can be enjoyed by tourists from different parts of the world. However, still there are many things which are being developed, and these developments have only strengthened tourism in the country, Indonesia.

Euro Asia Management Group has engaged in developing the New Holidays Residence in Uluwatu, and the firm was mandated for preparing the master plan of vacation and leisure destination with the high amount of innovation. Gerard Saliot has also conferred the feasibility study of Bali Uluwatu which is further known as CAKRWALA Residence.

The project is situated on the seafront cliff beautifully spread over the 2.5-hectare land. It faces the beautiful white, sandy beaches of Uluwatu, Padang Padang beach and Yang Yang beach.  Apart from the facilities and other services of high quality, the visitors will enjoy having the panoramic sight of the sea along with the delightful sight of sunrise and sunset that can be enjoyed sitting at villas.

The restaurants for delicious meals, rooms with high-quality amenities and facilities all available are all set to give the visitors their home feel full of fun and comfort.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Louis Gerard Saliot – The Visionary Leader with a Mission

When it comes to the development of tourism related projects, Euro Asia Management Group always enters into the picture. EuroAsia, the company, founded in 1994, offers specialized services in the project development and management to hospitality and leisure destination. Louis Gerard Saliot is the man behind the creation of this company to build world-class holiday destinations with integrated resorts and fun activities. He is a visionary leader with over 35 years of experience in the real estate sector.

Tourism is an important industry that helps in bringing development in an area. This is because the visiting tourists bring high foreign exchange and flourishing of local businesses. But, it is not possible to attract visitors unless there are good infrastructure and hubs for spending a holiday.

Realising the potential of the tourism sector, Saliot has started a mission to build sustainable and environment-friendly tourist hub in the countries. The company create a master plan for build hubs right from scratch. Starting from studying market feasibility, financial assessment or assumption, procuring lands, legal advice, and other services associated with the process.

Hardened by working in numerous tourism projects, EuroAsia has a complete team of skilled designers, planners and analyst to implement on the development. That is why Indonesian Government has approached the company to build the National Tourism Development Master Plan. It resulted in the development of Cakrawala Residence – a leisure destination in Bali consisting of integrated resorts, spa, kid club, and a car free zone near to the sea.

Hotel Modular Development is another venture of Gerard Saliot for building world-class hotel rooms and suite. The group has started the development of the Meridian Adventure Marina Club & Resort in Raja Ampat – a marina club and resort in West Papua, Indonesia. 

Noting the impressive work of EuroAsia in Indonesia, the company has been mandated another Tourism Master Plan for East Java by International Labour Organisation (ILO).

In every project, Saliot gives his 100% dedication utilizing the experience and skills gained while working in the real estate and tourism industry.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Why is Louis Gerard Saliot Respected in Tourism Development Industry?

Turning a place into a tourist hub isn’t an easy task. It needs a series of works and critical thinking creating a master plan for developing a place where visitors would love to come again and again. It means there should be support infrastructures and ancillary services for an ideal holiday. The problems of developing a hub don't end here as studies on feasibility, land negotiation, environment clearance, financial assessment, and legalities among other factors are involved in it.

What if all these solutions are given at one place? Yes, this is what Euro-Asia Management Group has been doing all these years after it came into being in 1994. Louis Gerard Saliot is the CEO and President of this company, which is involved in the project development and management for hospitality and leisure industry. With over 35 years of work experience in the real estate, he utilises his skills and expertise in conceptualising projects in different regions. 

Though many experts were there on the team, it was Saliot who realised the importance and potential of developing numerous tourist projects in the Asia Pacific regions.

As EuroAsia specialises in developing world-class integrated resorts and leisure destinations, it was mandated to prepare National Tourism Development Master Plan of Indonesia in 1995-1998. The group started from the scratch to transform the land in Bali into an attractive hub for visitors. The action plan included studying feasibility, financial assessment, project finance and other ancillary services needed for hospitality and tourism. The company succeeded and impressed by their work in Bali, International Labour Organisation (ILO) has mandated to prepare the East Java Tourism Development Master Plan in 2009-10.

In 2015, Gerard Saliot initiated the Hotel Modular Development (HMD) – a Joint Operation with Teamworx and Team Module both companies are based in Indonesia. This company will feasibility and study market for construction of modular hotels in the regions.

There is no doubt building of a tourism hub is difficult. However, the visionary leadership, professionalism, and expertise of Gerard Saliot can be seen in every project he takes over.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

What are some achievements by Euro-Asia Management Group?

Euro-Asia Management Group is a global leader in tourism, hospitality, and leisure management. The company was founded by a visionary leader and professional, Louis Gerard Saliot. He has worked for 30 years in international trade and business development before opening Euro-Asia Management group. He provided consultancy to various government ministries and international agencies with the help of the staff working for his company.

During 1995-98, Gerard Saliot was the prime initiator and project director of the National Tourism Master Plan for Indonesia. He worked on numerous tourism related projects in Indonesia. He also promoted the development of a resort project in Fiji.

Special achievements by the company

Euro-Asia Management Group initiated many projects in different nations and tasted success under the leadership of Gerard Saliot. A team of professionals worked for the company on those projects. Saliot hired architects, planners, designers, legal, and financial experts for easy development and procurement of the projects. He hired project managers with 20 years of experience in resorts and hotels development In the Asian and European region.

The Euro-Asia Management Group managed a major master plan made for tourism development in Indonesia. The plan was made for the Indonesian government, and it was financed by a grant from the French government. The company thoroughly comprehended the plan, and the development started in the prime locations of the country. Resources were focused on the right places, and soon they turned barrens lands into beautiful tourist hubs.

Fiji is famous for beautiful beaches and breathtaking experiences in the world. Euro-Asia Group set their eyes on this beautiful island nation and initiated the process for development of Natadola Marine Resort. The resort comprises InterContinental Hotel, an 18-hole golf course, villas, bungalows, etc. Vijay Singh helped in designing the beautiful golf course.

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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Who helped in developing the tourism sector of Fiji?

Fiji is an amazing island nation loaded with sunny beaches and world-class tourist hubs. It is situated in South Pacific Ocean and one of the most developed nations in that region. The tourism sector is the main contributor to the economy of Fiji. Numerous Fijian people are dependent on the tourism sector for a living. There was a time when this sector was declining due to poor infrastructure and lack of tourist hubs. At that time, Louis Gerard Saliot took responsibility in developing Fiji and bring more tourists in this beautiful island nation.

The man who changed the face of Fijian tourism industry

Louis Gerard Saliot is respected by the masses of Fiji due to his sheer commitment and strenuous hard work in developing world-class tourist hubs. He is the CEO of Euro-Asia Management Group which undertakes construction projects by taking permission from the governments of various countries. He helped in developing tourism and hospitality sector of scenic countries lagging in attracting tourist due to inefficient infrastructure. Gerard Saliot has years of experience in project and infrastructure management and he used his experience in making iconic hubs in Fiji.

The best work he has done so far is the Natadola Marine project. Natadola’s lush beauty and a variety of recreational activities attracts tourist from all around the world. Tourists can dive in the coral reefs to see the beautiful underwater world or do many activities like snorkelling, fishing, surfing, island hopping etc. Golf is a major sport in Fiji and Natadola Golf course is famous for organising international tournaments. Natadola Golf course is made in typical South Pacific landscape which attracts famous golfers from all around the world. Tourists flock to Fiji to witness epic matches hosted by this golf course.

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Thursday, 29 June 2017

Could Fiji tourism have reached at this peak without Gerard Saliot?

Fiji, the island country is enjoying the tourism which is at its peak and it became one of the major backbones of the Fijian economy. Tourism industry is the kind of service industry which helps in creating a lot of employment opportunities and further strengthens the country’s economy. 

Just imagine now, what could have happened to tourism in Fiji if Gerard Saliot was not supposed to come forward for it. Well, it is obvious that tourism in the country could never have been at this level what it is now. Being socially concerned and business minded, he came forward to extend his innovative business ideas. And it resulted into Natadola project under which several other developments came into notice.

The project led to the emergence of many kinds of hotels, resorts and various other tourist attractions in the country. The major beneficiaries are the local people of the country who found suitable employments in the hotels and resorts.

Louis Gerard-The force behind Fijian tourism development

Every year tourists visit there and enjoy the beautiful sea beaches, stays in star categorised hotels and resorts with all kinds of modern amenities. There is also a beautiful Golf course where several international Golf tournaments are held. The works of Louis Gerard Saliot became commendable and he created a historical development in the country.

The kind of hard work and determination shown through his quality work and development speaks volume about his personality. Before his Natadola project, he has had worked in many other projects outside the country, Fiji. 

Now has earned a fame and name in the hearts of Fijian people. He came at a time when this island country needed boosting push and he exactly did it. So, every visitor who enjoys recreational activities and other kinds of touristy activities, always admires the innovative ideas of this legend.